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The World Doesn’t Need Another Movie Podcast, But We’re Making One Anyway

Good Morning Vietnam

I know what you’re thinking. That there are already too many movie podcasts out there in the world. We’re awash in them. We’re Scrooge McDuck, swimming through gold coins of cinephile opinions on a daily basis, but while we might be drowning in ‘em, we’re lucky that there are a lot of great lifelines out there. Some amazing shows on other sites. The ones that popped into your mind are exactly the ones we’re thinking of too. Now, we want to steal another half-hour of your time.

Defying all logic and common sense, screenwriter Geoff LaTulippe (Going the Distance) and I are premiering the first episode of a new movie podcast called Broken Projector on Friday morning.  

So Why Put Another Movie Podcast Into The Pile?

Because we want to do things a bit differently. With our respective experiences in professional filmmaking and film punditry, we’ll be able to share a unique combined perspective. Plus, we’ll be giving our audience direct access to filmmakers (and planning a few unusual talks in addition to the in-depth interviews that will carry over from the Reject Radio legacy).

You can also expect:

  • Meaningful debates
  • Not at all meaningful debates
  • Movie News Quizzing
  • Insightful reviews
  • Top Gun references
  • Screenwriting tips for fans and potential filmmakers alike
  • A run-time that doesn’t go longer than the average movie
  • Famous guests and their stories
  • Juggling acts
  • Entertaining features with terrible pun titles
  • An inside look at the industry
  • News and features that go well beyond the surface level
  • High brow fart jokes
  • And a cast of thousands

I loved doing Reject Radio, and I’m eternally grateful to the 5,000 or so who tuned in each week, but I’m excited beyond belief to get the opportunity to build a show with someone as funny and knowledgeable as Geoff, and we’re going to work hard to provide a better brand of movie podcast.

Please join us, and if you like it, please help us spread the word. 

You can follow us on Twitter:





You can also subscribe to this feed, ask us anything you want (writing advice is encouraged) and check out Film School Rejects on Friday at 8am Central to listen to the show.  

Hope you like it. If you don’t, you can take a flying leap into a cartoon bank vault of gold coins. If you do, we look forward to spending time with you inside your Zune. 



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